This Mad Honey, from Rhododendron flowers is 100% pure, raw, unfiltered and... Mad! Our Mad Honey contains high levels of active ingredients (grayanotoxin) that are not found in other honeys. 


Our Mad Honey is exclusively sourced from the Himalayan (Nepal) mountains and is harvested in the Lamjung region by the Gurung Tribesmen.


Renowned for its unique full flavour, our Mad Honey is independently tested for its psycho-active properties, and also to show that it meets all purity and quality measurements and requirements.


The Mad Honey has been used for thousand years for its healing purposes and medical benefits and can also provide some unique experience at certain dosage.


  • Pure raw Mad Honey from Himlayan mountains

    Harvested Spring 2020

    Nepalese Government's Health and Hygiene certification

    Meets High Quality & Purity definitions

    Packed in Nepal, in our own facilities

    Exclusively shipped from Kathmandu