MAD HONEY Limited Reserve 200g


This is one of the rarest and most potent Mad Honey in the world! Harvested just once a year to offer the highest grade of mad honey, our Limited Reserve is a natural treasure with superior properties sourced from an exclusive and secluded site in the Lamjung region of the Himalayas.


We offer premium grade unpasteurized, pure and raw mad honey, certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Nepal and tested by the National Food Laboratory (accredited ISO 17025:2017) to guarantee that each jar contains authentic and pure Wild Himalayan Mad Honey from Nepal.


The Mad Honey® - Limited Reserve Harvest 2021 - contains high levels of active ingredients (grayanotoxin) that are not found in other mad honeys!

MAD HONEY Limited Reserve 200g

  • Ingredient: 100% pure raw bee honey “Mad Honey”

    Source: Rhododendron flower

    Region: Lamjung area of Himalaya, Nepal

    Flavor: Unique and bold aromatic profile with equally complex mysterious flavor. Mild sweetness with spicy undertones and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

    Physical Consistency: Due to its high concentration of fructose, and its harvest season (Spring 2021) our Mad Honey Limited Reserve has a runny and watery texture which still guarantees a 100% pure with no additive nor filling mad honey. It is also absolutely normal to have a popping sound and some bubbles on the top when you open the sealed jar, light fermentation is part of the natural process - please stir and mix well before any usage.

    Certification: Certified by the Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal, Food Quality Control and tested by the National Food Laboratory (accredited ISO 17025:2017) - Ref 78/NFFRL/2396

    Packaging: Bottled in beautiful matte black glass jars with black metal lid. Please feel free to reused your jar after finishing all your mad honey! Stickers printed on Eco paper. Packed in recycled materials tube (all EU Norms) - Say No To Plastic!