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The Mad Honey


Tested & Certified by Gov. of Nepal

Mad Honey

Limited Reserve


A unique and rare Himalayan Wild Honey, exclusively sold by

The Mad Honey® 

Collected only once a year, this mad honey is highly potent with strong properties and effects.


There's a Story Behind Every Jar of Mad Honey


Excellence Found Only at The Mad Honey®

Since 2016 The Mad Honey® offers pure, raw and unpasteurized Wild Himalayan Mad Honey from Rhododendron flowers, extracted by the Gurung tribesmen to provide an authentic experience!

We are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal ; tested by the National Food Laboratory (accredited ISO 17025:2017) and Certified by European Laboratory (Regulation of the  Minister of Agriculture, journal of Laws No17 item 94) to guarantee its purity, origin and premium quality.

Himalayan Wild Honey ★ is a Medicinal grade honey renowned for its healing properties and medicinal benefits.

Mad Honey Limited Reserve  has psychoactive properties, unique and rare, collected only once per year from an exclusive site and sold solely by The Mad Honey®. It contains higher level of active ingredient (grayanotoxin) for a stronger experience!


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THE MAD HONEY - Limited Reserve

Glass jars of 50g / 100g / 200g 

What is Mad Honey?

Mad Honey is a special and unique type of honey native to Nepal made by the giant bees (Apis dorsata laboriosa) who pollinate a specific type of Rhododendron flowers of the Himalayas' mountains commonly known as Himalayan Wild Honey or Mad Honey.

The pollen of this flower contains an active ingredient called Grayanotoxin, which is infused in the honey and gives it its unique and rare properties.

Why buy Mad Honey with us?

✓  We hunt and collect Mad Honey directly with the Gurung tribesmen since 2016

✓  We harvest only once a year for a stronger and premium quality


We have certification from the Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal
Tests from the National Food Laboratory (accredited ISO 17025:2017)