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Mad honey is truly unique.  Unique to Nepal, with special and unique properties,

unique in flavor and taste... a true gift from mother nature, special and rare.

Our Himalayan Wild Honey is certified from Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal
and tested by National Food Laboratory (accredited ISO 17025:2017).


The Mad Honey® offers only pure Mad Honey extracted by the Gurung tribesmen

to provide an authentic experience of "Mad Honey" which contains high level

of Grayanotoxin, not found in other honeys.

Our Honey is 

  100% PURE    100% UNFILTERED    100% MAD

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100g / 150g / 250g / 500g

Packed in new Glass Jars!

What is Mad Honey?

Mad Honey is a special type of honey native to Nepal

made from a specific type of Rhododendron flowers of the Himalayas' mountains.

The pollen of this flower contains an active ingredient called Grayanotoxin,

which is infused in the honey and gives it its unique and rare properties.

Why buy Mad Honey with us?

Since 2016, we hunt and collect Mad Honey directly with the Gurung tribesmen and select only the best premium strong quality.


We offer a 100% Pure, Raw, Unfiltered and Unpasteurized mad honey to preserve the maximum of its properties.

Our Mad honey is a packed every week and shipped exclusively from Kathmandu with DHL or UPS.

Our payment system offers you a buyer's protection and we offer a reliable service,

always putting our customers' satisfaction on top of our priority!

We also have 2 dedicated lines / Whatsapp (Nepal & USA) to provide constant assistance and information.

More about The Mad Honey: click here

What are the effects of Mad Honey?

The medicinal properties:

The Gurung have used mad honey for centuries for its medicinal properties.

The antiseptic, antibacterial and active properties set it apart from traditional honey.

It is renown to be a powerful antioxidant, natural antibiotic, rich in minerals and vitamins, 

which boosts immune system, improves blood circulation, metabolism and enhance sexual performance!

The psycho-active effects:

Our Mad Honey is independently and systematically tested, and our people and clients reported active effects

and experienced feelings as a surge of energy, euphoria and body relaxation.

Some other clients who are more sensitive, reported high / trippy / visual effects, occasionally nausea and throat burning feelings.

The effects are variable for each person and depend on many factors as your tolerance to the grayanotoxin,

your body weight, lifestyle and other intakes...

Is Mad Honey legal?

Do you ship international?

We offer a worldwide delivery express service via DHL or UPS.

Average delivery time 7 days.

In 2020 despite the Covid-19 situation and its restrictions, we have proudly delivered mad honey in 52 countries!

Yes you can legally order our Mad Honey! 

Mad honey is a regulated product from the government of Nepal and as an official registered Company

with all certifications, license and documents for the custom process, we can legally export mad honey out of Nepal

and deliver it legally to you in USA, Europe, Australia, Asia,... 

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All you need to know about Mad Honey is in our FAQ 

and check our client's feedbacks as well!



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