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Mad Honey

Limited Reserve 2021


A unique and rare mad honey, exclusively sold by The Mad Honey® 

Collected only once a year, this mad honey is highly potent with strong psycho-active properties.

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There's a Story Behind Every Jar of Mad Honey


Excellence Found Only at The Mad Honey

Since 2016 The Mad Honey® offers pure, raw and unpasteurized Wild Himalayan Mad Honey from Rhododendron flowers, extracted by the Gurung tribesmen to provide an authentic experience!

We are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal and our honey is tested by the National Food Laboratory (accredited ISO 17025:2017) to guarantee its purity and premium quality.

Our "Himalayan Honey" is a Medicinal honey renowned for its healing properties and medical benefits, equivalent to any other mad honey currently available on the market.

Our "Mad Honey - Limited Reserve 2021 " is a unique and rare mad honey, exclusively sold by The Mad Honey® and which contains a high level of active ingredient (grayanotoxin), not found in other mad honey!

Mad Honey

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Glass jars of 200g / 250g 

What is Mad Honey?

Mad Honey is a special and unique type of honey native to Nepal made from a specific type of Rhododendron flowers of the Himalayas' mountains.

The pollen of this flower contains an active ingredient called Grayanotoxin, which is infused in the honey and gives it its unique and rare properties.

Mad Honey vs Himalayan Honey

A real, authentic Mad Honey is a Wild Himalayan Honey 100% pure bee from the nectar of a specific type of Rhododendron flowers, harvested at the right blooming time and from high altitude cliffs so the honey is properly loaded with grayanotoxin and able to procure the expected benefits and effects.

The Mad Honey ® currently offers 2 types of Wild Himalayan Honey:

MAD HONEY  = Psycho-active Honey

Check our FAQ for detailed info

Why buy Mad Honey with us?

Since 2016, we hunt and collect Mad Honey directly with the Gurung tribesmen and select only the best premium quality.

We have certification from the Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal and tests from the National Food Laboratory (accredited ISO 17025:2017) to guarantee high purity and premium grade! (latest tests dated 15 Feb 2021).


Our Himalayan mad honey is 100% pure, raw, unpasteurized and unprocessed, packed every week to preserve maximum of its properties with Food and Quality Control certification.


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We offer a reliable service, always putting your satisfaction on top of our priority!

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What are the effects of Mad Honey?

◼️ The medicinal properties:

The Gurungs have used mad honey for centuries for its medicinal properties.

The antiseptic, antibacterial and active properties set it apart from traditional honey.

It is renown to be a powerful antioxidant, natural antibiotic, rich in minerals and vitamins, which boosts the immune system, improves blood circulation, metabolism and enhances sexual performance!

We recommend 1 teaspoon every morning for optimum benefits.

◼️ The psycho-active effects:

Each body reacts differently to the grayanotoxin and the effects can also vary due to the body weight and lifestyle. 

We highly recommend to start with 1 teaspoon to see how the body reacts and increase to not more than 3 tablespoons per intake.


The effects will occur within 20 min to 1 hour and last usually 3 to 5 hours.

Experienced effects are feelings such as body relaxation, change of the state of consciousness, brain awareness, surge of energy, euphoria and alteration in colors and brightness.

More sensitive and reactive bodies can also experience nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, sweating and increased blood pressure.

Please refer to our disclaimer and safety instruction before any usage.

Is Mad Honey legal?

Yes you can legally and safely order our Mad Honey! 

Mad honey is a regulated product from the government of Nepal and we are official registered Company with all certifications, license and documents for the custom process, we can legally export mad honey out of Nepal and get it deliver to you. 

Do you ship international?

We offer Free Worldwide Shipping!
Express service with tracking number. 
Average delivery time 7 to 21 days.

USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Asia...

Since 2020 despite the Covid-19 situation and its restrictions, we have proudly served 52 countries, within an average delivery time of 8 days.



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