Our extended experience and on-site team in Nepal, allow us to constantly maintain stock and supply of the best Mad Honey on the market always available, no matter what... all year round, order any time!

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Love the honey man came in the mail faster than it said. Great product will be buying more!

Mike in the 304

Save your money. The only thing MAD about this honey is the price and the person who pays for such crap. Not sure how this product has the reviews that it does because its crap. I'll go as far as to say FALSE ADVERTISING!


As a first time buyer I was not expecting much but it ended to be very enjoyable. Will use again.


Interesting product and shipping was very fast.


Le kiff ! Colis livré en 1 semaine et la magie d'avoir un touche d'Himalaya à la maison en plein hiver confiné. Hâte de pouvoir re-commander à la prochaine promo :)


I bought this product for its benefits. It’s expensive but it’s a great quality honey. I am happy with my purchase.


One of a kind! Pretty expensive but worth it.


Sie kümmerten sich um alle Dokumente beim Zoll und der Honig wurde hier in Deutschland legal eingeführt.
Geschmack gut. Ob er echt ist, kann ich nicht beurteilen; ich glaube es aber. Am Ende ich hatte eine milde, aber schöne Wirkung von diesem Honig.



Brian G.

It has a pleasant taste but I am not a fan of the funky smell. With 1 tbs the effects are subtle but noticeable. Helps for sleeping more comfortably.


What is supposed to be mad in that honey??!?


I was expecting something to put me down... or up! Didn't happen. But it was extremely fast shipping and team was nice. Awaiting for stronger batch to order again


Tasty, calming, and relaxing. A great choice to jump-start the new year!


Easy ordering, fast delivery and great product. I will definitely order again.


It made our new year's eve memorable :)) Happy 2021 y'all!


A service beyond all expectations! Somehow my delivery got messed-up and despite it was my fault, they were super responsive, helpful and shipped another jar which arrived super fast. The honey is tasty and sweet (not bitter). I felt tingling in the throat and more effects after one hour. I took 1 table spoon and it was like being high on a puff of indica! Can't wait to order more. Thanks a lot!!

Ben J

Real raw honey with great health benefits too. Quality is great. Fast delivery to UK. I liked the effects and will order more


Just placed my order, second time I'm buying here and I totally disagree with previous comment as bubble wrapping would have be only unnecessary plastic waste!!! Thanks guys for being eco-responsible and your product is amazing!!

Teng Xiong

Save your money and order elsewhere..
Product was not bubble wrapped in any shape or form. Just placed in a recycled cardboard box and threw into a DHL bag. Product arrived leaking all over... Here's a video I did of the actual unpacking -


Awesome product.. fast service. I Will do business with you in the future. Thank you


Dies ist mein erstes Mal, dass ich dieses Produkt verwende. So weit so gut...


I actually bought this special honey for my +80 year old mom because she suffers from anxiety since Covid isolation and she's been taking a half spoon every morning for the past months. She says it really helps to relax, feel better during the day and improve the sleep quality.


The honey taste is delicious and not as sweet as some other honeys. Excellent quality and absolutely impressed at how powerful this product is!

Ben Fox

This was my second order and despite I was a bit disapointed the first time because of the jar quality (plastic and sticky), I enjoy so much the honey that I decided to order another one... And it was best surprise to receive a glass pot nicely packed in a box, all clean and looking so good that I decided to offer it to my partner as Christmas gift :))


Great honey & feel great!


The honey arrived last week and the packaging was impeccable; thank you again for such wonderful service and I look forward to future orders!


Thank you so much, I did receive the package safely and have already tried the honey! It is for sure potent, I ate about 5 spoons and my friend ate 7 spoons. We felt a little “body high” or relaxation and an increase in colors, not as psychedelic as I would’ve liked it to be but it was still a beautiful experience and I want to thank you deeply for making that happen and also for your amazing customer service, I really appreciate it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nick Joe

I didnt like it :(


I tried 3 teaspoons of that, taste was nice, natural, subtle.
I felt quite puke mood as they say haha!
And I felt my body a bit floating.
Cheers from Japan!


Container had leakt out, and you do not feal annything from this.
But the taste where intresting!
And fast shipping

John C

Very unique taste! Nice mental and physical effects. Thank you The Mad Honey!


Soooo... I tried with gf, it was super nice trip 🔥 No hallucinations but after 10-15min felt the first body heat, small nausea and firstly we were a bit asleep. After 1 hour it kicked in harder, full energy, crazy laughs and super horny so we had couple of drinks on top of it..... 👌


I have tried other brands of mad honey from online and local markets while I was traveling to Nepal and I keep coming back to themadhoney mainly because it's a high quality mad honey. I eat it straight off the spoon when i wake up in the morning and it gives me a super boost instantly. I tried once the 3 spoons dosage but not adequate to go to work after that ^^ It is a great product and if you haven't tried this product don't hesitate...


Mad honey is one of my favorite effects, it gives me sustain energy throughout the night with nice dizzy feeling. I take it straight up and just enjoy it cause it's good.


My first experience with mad honey was eye opening and eye closing at same time!!
Can't realy explain... I was high but conscious with disconnected brain.
The side effects for me was not easy to fall asleep


Well I bought this not to eat but to use for my business - massage. So far it's amazing.

It has incredible heating effect onto the skin. The texture is not sticky like you'd think it would be immediately spreads very easily, it rinses off when water touches it.

Only complaint is the price of course high, but i use it for my vip customers and they are super satisfied.

As well i use it to wash my face. Honey is well known natural antibiotic, so washing with honey helps fight acne and skin too.


Not my first order with themadhoney and great experience every time! The new website makes it smooth and easy + fast delivery is much appreciated. Honey is great

Rick Hefferman

This is a great raw honey with healing benefits and super interesting effects. It's a bit pricey but we'll definitely worth the money!! The strong taste and smell are surprising but we're talking about mad honey here neh!!


Just love it!


Greetings from Indonesia! I already ordered 2 times this year and as soon my bottle finish, i will order more!! Thank you guys for this crazy honey and great service :))

Jack Adams

Good overall experience. Thank you Team for your prompt communication and delivery!


Bien mais le prix reste élevé


The first thing I’d noticed was that the consistency of the honey which is a lot runnier compared to my previous order, however after using 2 big spoons it kicked in and I felt kinda dizzy, boosted and high at same time. Love it!


Ive received the honey today. Its taste is amazing. Also very strong/powerful effect on body (compared to one I had before from Turkey).