Our extended experience and on-site team in Nepal, allow us to constantly maintain stock and supply of the best Mad Honey on the market always available, no matter what... all year round, order any time!

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The honey arrived last week and the packaging was impeccable; thank you again for such wonderful service and I look forward to future orders!


Thank you so much, I did receive the package safely and have already tried the honey! It is for sure potent, I ate about 5 spoons and my friend ate 7 spoons. We felt a little “body high” or relaxation and an increase in colors, not as psychedelic as I would’ve liked it to be but it was still a beautiful experience and I want to thank you deeply for making that happen and also for your amazing customer service, I really appreciate it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nick Joe

I didnt like it :(


I tried 3 teaspoons of that, taste was nice, natural, subtle.
I felt quite puke mood as they say haha!
And I felt my body a bit floating.
Cheers from Japan!


Container had leakt out, and you do not feal annything from this.
But the taste where intresting!
And fast shipping

John C

Very unique taste! Nice mental and physical effects. Thank you The Mad Honey!


Soooo... I tried with gf, it was super nice trip 🔥 No hallucinations but after 10-15min felt the first body heat, small nausea and firstly we were a bit asleep. After 1 hour it kicked in harder, full energy, crazy laughs and super horny so we had couple of drinks on top of it..... 👌


I have tried other brands of mad honey from online and local markets while I was traveling to Nepal and I keep coming back to themadhoney mainly because it's a high quality mad honey. I eat it straight off the spoon when i wake up in the morning and it gives me a super boost instantly. I tried once the 3 spoons dosage but not adequate to go to work after that ^^ It is a great product and if you haven't tried this product don't hesitate...


Mad honey is one of my favorite effects, it gives me sustain energy throughout the night with nice dizzy feeling. I take it straight up and just enjoy it cause it's good.


My first experience with mad honey was eye opening and eye closing at same time!!
Can't realy explain... I was high but conscious with disconnected brain.
The side effects for me was not easy to fall asleep


Well I bought this not to eat but to use for my business - massage. So far it's amazing.

It has incredible heating effect onto the skin. The texture is not sticky like you'd think it would be immediately spreads very easily, it rinses off when water touches it.

Only complaint is the price of course high, but i use it for my vip customers and they are super satisfied.

As well i use it to wash my face. Honey is well known natural antibiotic, so washing with honey helps fight acne and skin too.


Not my first order with themadhoney and great experience every time! The new website makes it smooth and easy + fast delivery is much appreciated. Honey is great

Rick Hefferman

This is a great raw honey with healing benefits and super interesting effects. It's a bit pricey but we'll definitely worth the money!! The strong taste and smell are surprising but we're talking about mad honey here neh!!


Just love it!


Greetings from Indonesia! I already ordered 2 times this year and as soon my bottle finish, i will order more!! Thank you guys for this crazy honey and great service :))

Jack Adams

Good overall experience. Thank you Team for your prompt communication and delivery!


Bien mais le prix reste élevé


The first thing I’d noticed was that the consistency of the honey which is a lot runnier compared to my previous order, however after using 2 big spoons it kicked in and I felt kinda dizzy, boosted and high at same time. Love it!


Ive received the honey today. Its taste is amazing. Also very strong/powerful effect on body (compared to one I had before from Turkey).


I feel pretty f*cked up, but honestly it is a good feeling. It's a cold and warm feeling. It is kind of being stoned but it's kind of being on shrooms as well. Like you eat just like a gram and a half or two grams shrooms!


You promised a lot more quality on your homepage... the container is in an extra container and has leaked out. But the shipping was quick


Yesterday I took three teaspoons and, the effect was too strong, I thought I would die!


The honey is absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!


I absolutely LOVE this honey and of course the medicinal properties is the PRIMARY reason for ingestion as I live a Holistic Lifestyle therefore Health is Wealth and just to add if it makes you feel super good in the process then all the better....

I look forward to ordering MORE honey from you in the future in LARGER quantities....


The honey was very interesting very relaxing and calm, muscle aches felt like they were being massaged. Great stuff!


2 table spoons isn’t enough for me, I smoke to much medical marijuana.
I probably need more than 2 spoons
The girlfriend won’t let me do 3 spoonfuls
Sex was really good after ingesting honey
Had a sweet earthy taste, seemed kinda watered down some even after cooling to room temp. Not thick like the local honey here.


Thanks for the honey man.. It was awesome and good✌️✌️✌️. Soon i will take more


I took 1 big spoon (im used to taking mad honey). The sensation was first burning my mouth and throat, then I felt a bit nauseated, more then usual.
Then after a while I started to feel a bit heavy and almost sedated but chill. Good feeling:)
If I take more, I think I will fall asleep.


Just ordered 250g!!! Thank you, I’m looking to trip :)))


You guys are awesome hope to visit someday!!


Awesome! Thank you so much for the amazing customer service and fast response time!


It does not make me high, wtf....


Its great put i am so stupid...
I took 3 tablespoons instead of 1.
Even though its says to take only 1
I got intoxication and had to throw up and my nervesystem played like crazy.. still does but no more so intense



Good morning, I got the honey 2 days ago. I took three tablespoons and the effect was strong, too much. Net time I'll try with just a spoon! Thanks


I received the honey and tried it right after.

The first day I chose to take just a little sample of the honey just to see what effects would come about if any and upon taking just half of a tablespoons, shortly thereafter I began to feel this sense of euphoria come over me while very relaxing simultaneously...

Eventually I had to take a short nap even... Lol....

Adam A

Thank you for the good information. The honey arrived in good condition, it had a good, strong flavor. Two teaspoons over the evening led to a pleasant and relaxing evening and solid sleep.

I may be ordering more from you in the future. Thank you!

John L. Jr

The honey is amazing. I took a tablespoon for a little over a week (I shared a little with some friends) and I felt amazing. I took it at different times depending on what I was doing. Sometimes before the gym sometimes in the morning just to see if it had different effects. The energy and clarity it gave was amazing!


Received with much thanks. Honey is really good! Will be ordering more once i'm done with this bottle!




I ate around 3 table spoons (more than recommended), the honey is very sweet and delicious and I (and my friends) felt somehow strange!