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Please chose the amount you would like to donate by updating the QUANTITY (each 1 = $5) and as a symbolic gesture, all orders, with any donation value, will receive a Nepal Prayer Flag🙏🏼


In the landlocked west of Nepal, far from the buzz of the tourists and trekking adventures, Bajura remains one of the poorest and least developed area in the world. In the village of Badimalika access to food and basic health care is an everyday fight. 


All together, we can do something. There’s no small help, any contribution makes a real difference. Thank you for them ❤️

100% of the donations are directly transferred to BADIMALIKA FOUNDATION NEPAL, which means for every dollar you donate, the foundation receives the exact same amount. The Mad Honey covers all the bank  and other fees on top of our own monthly contributions.


  • Prayer Flags are inscribed with prayers, mantras, and various spiritual symbols. The flags are traditionally used in Buddhism but serve both spiritual and cultural purposes.

    Spiritual Significance: prayer flags are believed to carry prayers and blessings to the heavens and the winds. When the wind blows and the flags flutter, it is thought that the prayers and mantras on the flags are released into the universe, spreading positive energy and good intentions. This practice is rooted in the belief that the wind, as a natural element, carries positive energy to benefit all sentient beings.


    Protection: in addition to their spiritual significance, prayer flags are often hung in homes, monasteries, and other locations as a form of protection. It is believed that they can ward off evil spirits and negative influences.


    Cultural Symbolism: prayer flags are an important cultural symbol in the Himalayan region. They are used to celebrate events, festivals, and significant occasions, and they are a common sight during religious festivals and ceremonies.

    Prayer flags come in five different colors, each representing one of the five elements and a specific set of mantras and prayers. The colors and their associated elements are as follows:

    💙 Blue: represents the sky and space, and carries prayers for wisdom and understanding

    🤍 White: symbolizes air and wind, carrying prayers for peace and purification

    ❤️ Red: symbolizes fire, carrying prayers for power and transformation

    💚 Green: represents water and carries prayers for healing and compassion

    💛 Yellow: symbolizes earth and carries prayers for strength and long life

    It's important to handle prayer flags with respect and not place them on the ground, as they are considered sacred. Prayer flags are an important part of the cultural and spiritual landscape of the Himalayan region and are a beautiful expression of the beliefs and traditions of the people in that area.

  • Donations can be made directly to the bank account below:


    Account No : 4070100201424001


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