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A hunt more dangerous than the honey itself!

In the Himalayan mountains of central Nepal, when bees feed on the pollen of some specific rhododendron flowers, it results in a unique honey known for its psychoactive, hallucinogenic properties… Mad Honey! 
But as rhododendrons flourish at high altitudes, and as the bees often nest on very steep cliffs, collecting that crazy nectar may be more dangerous than consuming the mad honey itself! 
This Wild Himalayan Honey is exclusively collected by the Gurung Tribesmen and every year, since 2016, The Mad Honey team makes the trip from Kathmandu to the mountains with the Honey Hunters to collect the finest and most potent mad honey that mother nature can offer. A total immersion, a journey that defies real danger and harsh conditions, a long way up to brave the jungle, prepare the equipment, make the dangerous climbs, endure the sting from the giant bees and finally collect the magical honey! 
Below are some photos of how the mad honey is collected and despite the infiltration of modern technologies, for the Gurung people it’s a point of honor to respect the tradition and preserve their beekeeping culture.
NOTE - We hunt from an exclusive site where only The Mad Honey Team has been granted access and because we are deeply concerned about the cliffs suffering from unwanted tourist activity and/or commercial overexploitation, the location of our hunting site is not disclosed.
As active members of the Mad Honey Community, we only work with responsible hunters ; collect our Mad Honey Limited Reserve in the full respect of ancient tradition, in controlled quantity to preserve the bees and we remunerate the Hunters at least twenty percent more than other brands to support the community and villagers. Thank you for your understanding and support.


The Art & Tradition

of Mad Honey Hunting