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Better than a Pot of Gold. Here are the Top 5 Things You Should Know about Mad Honey!

Mad honey is not your ordinary shelf-bought honey although it can be easily mistaken for a harmless nectar; it is packed with power and potency. Mad honey tastes best when tried in a wooden spoon as it doesn’t modify the taste and properties in any way. We are not the only ones who recommend eating it this way, expert beekeepers think alike. However, any spoon is just fine but leaving a metal spoon dipped in overnight is a no-no, since honey has an acidic pH and reacts with metallic surfaces. So enough rambling, let's talk about the properties of Mad Honey and more.

How to Recognize Authentic Mad Honey?

As we earlier mentioned in our previous article, The Higher the Mountain, The Madder the Honey, authentic mad honey does not taste like store-bought honey, although it is sweet, it has a bitter aftertaste- the smell is different and will remind you of ‘sugarcane wine’ known as Fangourin. It will not only bring some sweet memories but also titillate your taste buds due to its unusual yet delightful taste.

Authentic mad honey can be recognized by its darker color, however a lot of mad honey brands that are available online claim to be selling pure mad honey without up-to-date lab tests and certifications.

This is why we recommend buyers seek in-depth information when investing in this elixir.

The Mad Honey has its Nepalese honey tested in laboratories.

Our latest certification was received on the 15th February 2021. Our Mad Honey is certified Himalayan Wild Honey from the Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal and is regularly tested by the National Food Laboratory. More on our Lab Report here. </