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The Higher the Mountain, The Madder the Honey.

Mad Honey (पागल मह), extracted from the perilous mountains of Annapurna is not to be compared with your local honey pots. If Pooh Bear could get his hands on some of this sweetness, he would be a lot less morose, for sure. The name itself might scare off some of you but it is most definitely worth a try. Mad Honey boasts itself for its psychoactive attributes. Mad Honey is not for the faint-hearted and if you’re one who loathes trips, we would certainly suggest trying out Mad Honey for the simple fact that it is purely organic and helps with sleeping, anxiety, stress levels and hypertension amongst other issues.

Psychoactive Honey from the Deadly Annapurna Mountains

You have probably heard of the Nepalese honey that makes people trip. Although it's a new product on the market, honey from Annapurna is likely to become one of the favorites of psychoactive adepts. Annapurna means the giver of perfect food in Sanskrit, so it is no surprise that the quality of mad honey extracted from those heights is superior to others. Even though it is known as the deadliest mountain to climb, the locals have stuck to their tradition of collecting Apis Dorsata Laboriosa aka the giant honey bees’ combs for years.

The fact that Mad Honey is harvested through a delicate and rather risky process makes it one of its kind. There's a reason why the Nepalese call it ''cliff honey''. The natives known as the Gurung or Tamu people have used mad honey for centuries in sacred rituals, for recreational, medicinal, and even military purposes. The Gurung people are believed to eat it before breakfast for that ethereal sensation throughout the day.

Mad Honey Properties

Mad Honey is a rare variety of honey. Due to the fact that it is produced by the Apis Dorsata Laboriosa, the taste is more bitter with a darker reddish color than regular honey. Mad honey actually smells different due to minimal processing. Some people refer to the smell as 'funky'. Honey connoisseurs will quickly distinguish the taste of Mad honey as unique.

Low doses of Mad Honey cause euphoria and lightheartedness. Mad honey should be consumed with caution. This unique Nepalese honey is renowned for its virtues; it not only treats anxiety but also reduces stress levels, pain, migraines, hypertension, and even promotes better sleep.

Rhododendron Flowers & The Nepalese Mad Honey

Mad honey is collected from the nectar of the indigenous Nepalese national Rhododendron flower which is different from the other hundreds of species. This flower can only be found in limited quantities in a few regions namely Nepal, Caucasus and Southern Turkey.

Some also exist in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and a few American states.

Rhododendron in Nepal is known as Gurung and this is exactly why mad honey hunters carry the name Gurung. There are around 700 species of rhododendron flowers, however only two or three include the so-called grayanotoxin in their nectars.

The giant bees forage on these stunning flowers and their grayanotoxin-containing nectar to produce toxin-laced honey in their hives. Interestingly enough, grayanotoxins have no effects on the bees while high doses of the same could be fatal for humans.

What To Expect From Your First Tasting?

In 2016, David Caprara at VICE, described the honey as being similar to weed. He was advised by the expert honey hunters to consume two teaspoons of the sweet liquid and felt high 15 minutes later. He described the experience as a mental and bodily high. Unlike the usual psychedelic, Caprara claimed that the mad honey high was warmer and more relaxing overall. He felt lighter and happier hours later.

Why is The Mad Honey® superior?

Our brand produces genuine, certified organic Mad Honey. We work with the Honey Hunters directly to make sure that quality product is being delivered to your doorstep. Our hunters take considerable risks to collect this unique nectar for you at an altitude of 3,000 meters.

I absolutely LOVE this honey and of course the medicinal properties is the PRIMARY reason for ingestion as I live a Holistic Lifestyle therefore Health is Wealth and just to add if it makes you feel super good in the process then all the better....I look forward to ordering MORE honey from you in the future in LARGER quantities.-Latoya

With the high rate of brain drain occurring in Nepali rural villages, we ensure that this tradition is kept alive and that our Gurungs' connection with their ancestors is sustained. Mass production often entails the loss of quality and extinction of natural resources. In order not to render the highly potent mad honey extinct, collection takes place on a yearly basis. Mad Honey is tested and certified by the Government of Nepal.

How to use Mad Honey for a strong immune system and a better day?

Add 1 teaspoon of Mad Honey to your milk or tea in the morning.

Note: Higher doses of Mad Honey might cause dizziness, blurred vision, increased blood pressure, nausea and diarrhea.

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