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Discover the Top 5 Benefits of Mad Honey. It's worth the hype and your coin!

The Mad Honey ® is unique as it makes you trippy and yet, it is unlike anything you have ever tasted. Trust us, we’re not bragging, just take a look at our reviews.

The Mad Honey ® is synonymous with quality and uniqueness. It not only boasts itself for its recreational effects, but also for being a nectar full of virtues that has been delicately extracted from the Annapurna cliffs while respecting the customs of the locals. Our mad honey is certified and approved by the Government of Nepal.

Not your average pot of gold!

The Mad Honey ® is not only highly potent but it is also rich in texture and taste. It smells like nature and has numerous benefits that you’re about to discover.

Mad honey is one of the rarest varieties of honey in the world and is renowned to be sourced from the black sea region and the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

Nepalese and Turkish mad honey are the most popular ones though the Nepalese one has the upper hand since it is harvested naturally without mechanical interruption while Turkish mad honey is cultivated and then harvested.

As you might have remarked, we abstain from large-scale production, instead, we focus on the quality of our honey through minimum production. We work hand in hand with the local honey hunters to make sure that The Mad Honey ® is harvested ethically and that we continually sustain the tradition of mad honey hunting in the Gurung community. By purchasing from us, you’re keeping the Gurung culture alive and tasting the best nectar of the Nepalese mountains without having to budge.

So what makes our Mad Honey Unique?

Our Nepalese honey is harvested from a high altitude in the traditional way without disrupting Dame Nature. Since The Mad Honey ® products are 100% natural and that Nepalese mad honey typically involves a complex hunting process and is extremely rare, it is not surprising that it on the pricier side as pure and unprocessed mad honey is limited in supply, and production costs are typically higher since it involves intense labor. The honey hunt is a risky and delicate process that only a few can attempt. Watch Honey Hunting in Nepal by Nepal, 8th Wonder of the world to find out more.

Extracting this sweet gold means delivering an exquisite product to honey and psychoactive enthusiasts alike. As we earlier stated, acquiring mad honey is a rather complex process but the reward is ambrosial!

Our mad honey is extracted from nutritious and high-quality beehives that are surrounded by rich floral vegetation. Apis Dorsata bees are the only mad honey producers in Nepal living at an altitude of +3,000 meters and producing honey only twice a year; once right before summer and the second time in winter. Our Mad Honey Limited Reserve collects honey only once a year, at the end of spring-the peak of the blooming season so as to reach the highest level of potency.

Nepalese mad honey is different from your average honey as it