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Buy Himalayan Honey or Mad Honey - understand the differences

Mad Honey and Himalayan Honey jars

Himalayan honey and mad honey are two distinct types of honey from Nepal, each with its own characteristics and properties. You can buy our 2 jars pack HERE to fully understand and enjoy these magic products!

Himalayan Honey:

  • Himalayan honey refers to honey produced by bees in the Himalayan region, which spans across several countries including India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Our Himalayan honey is exclusively collected in the Nepalese region, Lamjung area

  • It is typically derived from the nectar of various flowers found in the Himalayan foothills and mountains, including rhododendron, wildflowers, and other flora

  • Himalayan honey is valued for its unique flavor profile, which can vary depending on the specific floral sources

  • This honey is commonly bought and used for medicinal purposes but also in cooking, baking, and as a sweetener in various dishes and beverages (go to FAQ)

  • Himalayan honey does not typically have psychoactive effects that would make you feel "high." Himalayan honey is generally produced from the nectar of various flowers found in the Himalayan region and does not contain the neurotoxins (grayanotoxins) responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with mad honey

  • Himalayan honey is typically harvested during the spring/summer but also early winter months when flowers are in bloom and bees are actively foraging for nectar. In the Himalayan region, where there is significant variation in altitude and climate, honey harvesting times can vary from one area to another. In general, honey harvesting in the Himalayas often takes place between March and August, with the peak harvest season typically occurring in late spring and early summer when flowers are abundant and bees are most active.

Mad Honey team hunting on the cliffs
The Mad Honey team hunting in June 2022

Mad Honey Limited Reserve:

Mad Honey 100g jar
  • Mad honey, also known as crazy honey, hallucinogenic honey, grayanotoxin honey or rhododendron honey, is a type of honey that comes from the nectar of specific flowers, particularly those of the Rhododendron genus and related plants

  • It contains grayanotoxins, naturally occurring neurotoxin, which causes the psychoactive effects and toxic reactions (the high feeling)

  • Mad honey is known for its intoxicating effects, including floating sensation, brain awareness, dizziness, hallucinations, and in some cases blurred vision, low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat

  • While mad honey has been used historically for its medicinal properties, recreational effects and as a traditional folk remedy in some cultures, it can be dangerous if not consumed with caution due to its toxic effects. It is important for individuals to use it responsibly (See our dosage recommendation)

  • Our Mad honey Limited Reserve is exclusively harvested during a specific time of the year,  in late spring to early summer (May/June) when the flowers that produce it are in bloom. However, the exact timing can vary depending on factors such as climate, altitude, and local flowering patterns from the plants that produce the nectar. 

  • It's important for our Team who harvest mad honey, to be knowledgeable about the flowering cycles of the plants and to monitor them closely to determine the optimal time for honey collection. The mad honey Team aims to harvest honey when it is mature, properly ripened, and of high quality so our clients are assured to buy the highest grade and most potent. Timing the harvest correctly is crucial to ensure that the honey has the desired flavor profile and nutritional properties.

In summary, the main differences between Himalayan honey and Mad Honey lie in their geographic origins, floral sources, and hunt season. Himalayan honey is a more general term referring to honey from the Himalayan region and used for its medicinal properties, while mad honey specifically refers to honey produced by the Apis Laboriosa and containing grayanotoxins from certain types of flowers like rhododendrons and provides psychoactive effects. Check our shop to buy our Mad Honey & Himalayan Honey Pack.

Mad Honey Himalayan mountains



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